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"Photovoltaic Power Station" in school Bag
time:2022-11-05 17:36:26

Summer vacation is originally a happy thing, but Qu Sang Zhuoma, a fifth grade student in Qinghai Maduo boarding School, is reluctant to leave school, because she wants to follow her parents to the grassland grazing during the holiday, the place is not fixed, there is no light at night, can not read her favorite composition.

A little lamp will solve the problem that has been plaguing Qu Sang Zhuo Ma. On the afternoon of July 4th, Jiangsu Electric Power Company donated 900 sets of solar rechargeable lamps, known as "photovoltaic power station in school bag", to the ethnic Boarding Middle School in Maduo County. 900 students in Tibetan areas received 63,000 solar rechargeable lamps purchased by Jiangsu Electric Power customers with love points.

Maduo County, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, is located in the core area of "the Source of Three Rivers", with an altitude of more than 4300 meters, a vast area with sparse population and scattered herdsmen living. It is a key county of poverty alleviation in Qinghai Province and even the national minority autonomous Prefecture, which has high Middle Sea, bad climate and difficult conditions.

According to head teacher Tashi Duojie, many students at the boarding school in Maduo County herd cattle with their parents during the summer vacation every year. This rechargeable lamp is just in time for the kids here. "It's about the size of a hand, so students can put it in their bags and carry it around with them, and get plenty of light at night even in the field."

The small table lamp that brings light to Qusang Zhuoma comes from the electronic channel operation team of Jiangsu Electric Power Institute of State Grid. At the beginning of this year, they launched a public welfare project called "Photovoltaic Power Station in Schoolbag" on the wechat official account of "State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power". A total of 63,400 people participated in the project and donated 38.18 million points of electricity fee, equivalent to nearly 200,000 yuan.

Residential electricity customers in Jiangsu can get 1 electricity credit for every 1 yuan paid through online channels, and every 200 credits can be exchanged for 1 yuan of equivalent goods or electricity. "For electricity customers, one person's points may not be a lot, but when you aggregate everyone's points, it can make a huge difference." State Grid Jiangsu Power Marketing Department deputy director Qiu Xinyu said.

Lin Qiao, an English teacher from Xuyi County Primary School in Huai 'an, is one of the 63,400 customers of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power who participated in the public welfare activities. She came to Maduo County boarding School as a representative. "I gave away more than 2,000 of my points without thinking," she said. "I think it's very meaningful that little hearts come together to help kids like Qu Sang Zhuoma."

Li Laifu, president of Jiangsu Electric Power Institute of State Grid, said, "Launching the 'Photovoltaic Power Station in the Bag' public welfare project is an exploration of the platform type of public welfare poverty alleviation activities. We will continue to build an 'e-crowdfunding' platform, so that all customers can have a new channel to offer love, but also to spread the light of love in poor areas."

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