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Why are the requirements for solar aluminum frames so strict?
time:2022-11-05 17:38:53

The industry knows that the requirements of solar aluminum frame are much higher than the requirements of ordinary industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum products, and the price is higher than that of ordinary industrial aluminum profiles. Why is that? The following by the aluminum products manufacturer Hongfa Nonferrous to answer for you.

1, the use of bad environment

We all know that solar panel power generation must be used outdoors, must choose a place with sufficient sunshine, long-term sun and rain will shorten the life of aluminum alloy frame, and some harsh climate areas will have wind sand, hail, these are very test product quality. The lifespan of a solar panel can reach 15 to 25 years, so the solar aluminum frame must last no less than that. Therefore, the oxide film thickness of solar aluminum frame is generally more than 5 μg thicker than that of industrial aluminum profile.

2. Risk of bursting frame

In fact, the exploding frame is not the exploding aluminum frame, but the glass panel. If the aluminum frame is done properly, the cost of a whole panel will be several thousand yuan. If the tolerance of the solar aluminum frame is not qualified, it will suffer heavy losses. So when we produce solar aluminum frame, we need to check the root, and every root should be carefully checked.

3. Scrap risk

The solar aluminum frame we have now is not bolted to the frame like in the past. It is now connected by corner code and then charged at the riveting point. This connection is very beautiful and generous, but it also has a drawback, that is, it can not be removed. If a finished set of panels is assembled, and it is found that the frame is missing processing holes or water holes, the whole panel can only be scrapped. So we need root check after all the processing.

The above are the main 3 factors, it can be seen that the finished products of each set of frame are strictly inspected according to the process, which is not easy.

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