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Analysis of photovoltaic module export data in the first half of 2019
time:2022-11-05 17:38:22

Since the 531 New policy last year, the domestic market demand has stagnated, and the trends and dynamics of overseas markets have attracted more attention and expectations of enterprises. In the second half of 2018, the overseas market also proved with data that the booming overseas development opportunities were indeed the dawn after the collapse of domestic photovoltaic enterprises.

With the first half of 2019 now behind us, we have taken a look at how overseas demand is shifting and how PV companies are performing, by observing and analyzing monthly module export data since 2015.

The component export data of June has been released. SOLARZOOM thinktank has analyzed the component export data before June 2019 from the aspects of export scale, growth rate, price and single crystal proportion trend, as follows:

In general, the export scale of photovoltaic modules shows a fluctuating growth trend. In the first half of 2019, the component export scale was low in February, only 3.66GW, high in March, 7.56GW, and then stabilized at about 6GW in April, May and June. In terms of growth rate, export growth in the first half of 2019 showed an upward trend.

Since the second half of 2018, the proportion of single crystal export has shown an obvious trend of growth. Over time, the average component price per watt has been slowly declining.

Meanwhile, the export data of components in June are summarized as follows:

1. In general, the total export volume of components in June was $1,572.8 billion, with a total scale of 5.99GW and a weighted average precise unit price of $0.264 / w. The export volume of single crystal accounted for about 63.4%.

In February and June, the top five destinations for component exports were Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Ukraine and Australia. Of note is Vietnam, Vietnam rushed to load 630 components, compared to May component export figures, June export component size decreased by 50%.

Component Export Volume Trends of Top five component Exporting countries from 2017 to 2019

Unit: hundreds of millions of dollars

3. The top five companies in terms of component export data are Jinko, Dongfang Sunrise, Trina, Artes and JA. The total export volume of the top ten enterprises is 5.01GW, accounting for 84% of the total export volume, and the head aggregation effect is very obvious.

4. From the perspective of cross-analysis between enterprises and countries, the export destinations of Jinko components are mainly Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan and other countries. Spain is a large component exporter of Jinko Energy, Ukraine is a large component exporter of Oriental Sunrise, Spain is a large component exporter of Trina Solar, and Brazil is a large exporter of Artes.

5. From the perspective of the export proportion of single polycrystal, the total export of single crystal components is 744 million US dollars, and the total export of polycrystal components is 430 million US dollars. The ratio of single polycrystal components is 36% to 64%. As some of the products could not distinguish the monopolycrystalline category, the data was limited to products that could be distinguished, and the products that could not be separated accounted for 25% of the total.

6. The top five companies in terms of export ratio of single crystal components are Longi, Zhonglai, Hanwha, Suntech and Ikang, among which all export products of Longi Loye and Zhonglai are single crystal components.

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