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Analysis on development history of our first 330 kV ultra-high voltage substation
time:2022-11-05 17:37:34

In order to review the magnificent history of striving forward in the power engineering industry since the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and fully display the brilliant achievements made in the field of power engineering, this publication specially launches the column "Magnificent 70 Years of Striving Forward in the New Era - Wonderful Retrospect of Power Engineering", which records and reviews in the form of text since the founding of New China. Our country builds and puts into production one after another great, iconic project, stay focused.

In Zhengchuan Township, Qinan County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, surrounded by mountains, is located the first 330 kilovolt ultra-high voltage substation in China, Qin 'an Substation. The power station has been in operation for 47 years since it was put into operation on June 15, 1972, and as of July 1, 2019, it has operated safely for 6,506 consecutive days.

Before liberation, although Gansu electric power has been built several times, some development, but because of the backward power generation equipment and production technology, the power industry is nominal. After liberation, since the beginning of the first five-year plan, industrial and agricultural production in Gansu developed rapidly, and the electric power industry also began the first great leap forward. In 1972, the first 330-kilovolt ultra-high voltage transmission line Liu (Jiaxia) -- Tian (Shui) -- Guan (Middle), designed and constructed by China, was successfully put into service, which left a significant mark in the history of the electric power industry of New China. From this moment on, 330 kV Qin 'an substation is destined to become a witness of new China's power industry.

All the silver lines of the elite

One day in 1964, Xi 'an People's Building welcomed the creators of the first 330 kV line. At the invitation of the former Ministry of Water and Power, the scientific research design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, power supply operation and engineering technicians and experts from 46 units across the country gathered in Xi 'an and began the research and development of the 330kV Liu Tianguan line.

This was the first 330 KV super high voltage power transmission and transformation project in our country, and also at that time power transmission distance was long, high voltage and large power transmission capacity project. Due to the new equipment and difficult technology, the state has listed the research on 330-kilovolt power transmission and transformation technology based on this project as one of the 31 major scientific research projects nationwide.

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In October 1967, the original State Planning Commission formally approved the design assignment, with a planned investment of 100 million yuan. On March 1, 1969, the central government approved the formation of the "330 Project Joint Headquarters" by Lanzhou Military Region and the former Ministry of Water and Power. Since then, the construction of the Liu Tianguan Line began.

After three years of painstaking construction, on May 10, 1972, the Liu Tianguan power transmission and transformation Project was officially completed. Gansu and Shaanxi power grids have been connected since then. Since then, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces have realized mutual power supply of 300,000-400,000kw. In the season of high water, electricity can be sent from west to east, while in the season of low water, electricity can be sent from east to west, so as to achieve the purpose of combining fire and water. At the same time, the power grids of Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai will be connected to form an integrated power network.

Milestone responsibility goes hand in hand with mission

The Liu Tianguan transmission line is built on a plateau between 600 meters and 2,500 meters above sea level. It spans the Ganguou Mountain in Dongxiang of Gansu Province and the Guanshan region on the border of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, crossing large rivers six times. The 23 major products and equipment, including large transformers, switches, cables, arresters and insulators, are designed, manufactured and installed by Chinese scientists.

This is the first batch of UHV equipment developed and manufactured by China, which for the first time realized the upgrading of China's power grid from 220 kV to 330 kV, forming the grid framework of Great Northwest China. It is a milestone in the development of UHV, long-distance and large-capacity transmission of the national power industry, and lays a solid foundation for the future development of UHV transmission projects in China.

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Qin 'an Substation is not only the base of electric power equipment manufacturing and testing, but also the "cradle" of training electric power technical personnel. Longshang relay protection expert Jing Yanji, high voltage expert Wu Weimin, operation of Lao Huangniu, secondary equipment "walking dictionary" senior technician Sun Shengmao, as well as substation "beautician" Bai Xiaoyi are the old experts, the old power people.

Today, 330 kV power grid has long become the main network in Northwest China, playing a huge role in industrial and agricultural construction. Since the beginning of this century, the structure of Tianshui power grid has undergone major changes. At present, the main grid structure has been formed, with the 750-kilovolt Maijishan substation as the center, the 330-kilovolt Tianshui, Qin 'an, Xingren and Mianzhu substations operating in pentanghuan network, and the 330-kilovolt Longxi and Gongchang substations operating in double-circuit parallel with the main network. Tianshui power grid has become the power switching center of Northwest power grid and the load center of "South-north power transfer" in Gansu Province. A Tianshui power grid with matched voltage levels, reasonable layout, strong structure, advanced technology, safety and reliability, flexible operation, and economic efficiency is taking shape.

The old station is revitalized by the expansion

In recent years, State Grid Gansu Tianshui Power Supply Company has scientifically promoted the rolling revision of power grid planning, closely followed the construction of major projects in Tianshui City, focused on the construction of smart power distribution network with strong grid structure, safe and efficient, green and low-carbon, friendly and interactive, continuously improved the 110 kV power grid structure, and accelerated the construction of new 110 kV substation distribution points and 10 kV line distribution channels. We will work hard to solve problems such as inadequate local power supply capacity and difficulties in transferring loads between stations, and further enhance the power supply capacity and trans-regional transmission capacity of the grid. In the face of challenges such as large-scale grid-connection of new energy sources, record high electricity loads and frequent natural disasters, China has ensured the safe and stable operation of power grids and reliable power supply. The implementation of rural power grid transformation has made Tianshui Rural areas realize the transformation from "use electricity" to "use good electricity".

In the process of the rapid development of the power grid in Gansu, Qin 'an Substation has also shown new vitality after a series of technical transformation. In 1980, the station carried out the second phase of the expansion project, the No.1 main transformer replacement capacity increased to 150,000 kVA. From 1992 to 2002, the circuit breaker, cutter brake, isolation switch and operating mechanism of the whole station were replaced, and the French Alstom circuit breaker was introduced for the first time. In 2006, the third intelligent transformation of the equipment was completed. The station realized the microcomputer protection and monitoring, and then realized the remote power collection. All the knife switches realized the remote control operation, and realized the remote control of the main measurement data in the substation to the distant three-level dispatch automatic transmission. In May 2015, the station once again "muscle transfusion", fully realize remote monitoring, centralized management, and then realize the substation unmanned duty, to achieve the level of comprehensive automatic operation and management.

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